Build Stronger Relationships

Feel more trust, more faith, and more reliability in yourself and others. Socially Speaking gives you the ability to create stronger relationships, whether it is with your spouse, family members, coworkers, or friends.

Experience More Confidence

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one will. Gain the self confidence to be yourself and express yourself in your own, unique way.

Create Deeper Connections

Feel that deep connection with others. Expressing yourself allows others to connect with you on more than just a surface level that is all too common nowadays.


It's Time to Reconnect

In our “ever-connected” world, so many of us feel we don’t experience the true connections with others that we wished we had. We have too many “friends” online and not enough good friends in life. We want to change that. Socially Speaking is geared towards helping us all be our individual selves, creating a world where we all know who we are. This will create a shift, a movement where we can all start to connect on a truly deeper level.

The SPEAK UP Program

Eight Week Program Designed to Accentuate Your Personality

Somewhere along the way, in our quest to be individuals, we have all become the same. Too often we find ourselves just “going with the flow” when in our minds we’re wanting to speak up and say something different. Can you relate??

Socially Speaking and it’s SPEAK UP program were created as a way of helping people better express themselves in their private and public lives. The course essentially “exercises your personality” to help bring about better relationships and communication; both individually and professionally. This program is designed to accentuate your personality by honing your strengths and exercising any weaknesses. In turn, you will enhance your ability to attract, influence, and connect in your personal and professional life.

Throughout the course, you’ll become familiar with all aspects of communication both verbally and nonverbally and learn how and when to use them appropriately.

Perhaps most importantly, is the fun and easy going manner in which these lessons are learned and result in the every day use of what is gained during the course. You will experience more confidence, have a better understanding of how to effectively communicate, and master the art of self expression.

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Meet David Norrie

David is a man who’s truly his individual self. Whether it’s his bright personality or fun outfits, you’ll certainly notice him when he enters a room. Believing that each person has their own uniqueness, David is passionate about helping others uncover their special qualities, allowing them to become their own, true, individual self.

David has a Bachelors degree from Florida State University where he majored in Communications and Sociology. He spent the majority of his life as a journalist writing for both newspapers and magazines. His weekly column in the Tampa Bay Times, titled “He Said/She Said”, ran weekly for three years and was voted among the best yearly in the annual readers poll. He also just became a #1 Best Selling Author with his contribution in the book Faith Into Abundance which instantly became a #1 Best Seller on Amazon.

When media began to trend away from print and towards electronic, so did he. He began Producing, Editing and Hosting where he traveled the country covering the best stories in the areas of health, fitness, sports, and entertainment.

Since 2012, David has been traveling North America with his wife, Angelike Norrie, speaking to large groups of people about how to transform their lives both physically and financially.